Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Get Firewood for the Fire Ring?

Small bundles of firewood are available for purchase on the porch at the lodge. Please leave $7/ bundle in the black box on the porch post.

How Private are Your Cabins?

Our cabins are very private & secluded. In fact, many of our guests specifically comment on how private and secluded our cabins are. We situated our cabins with two criteria in mind – view, and privacy, and we feel that we accomplished both with flying colors. Our 3 log cabins are situated on a heavily wooded ridge, and each cabin is anywhere from 300-500 feet away from the next cabin, through the woods, over the hill, etc. The view from both the front and back porch of our cabins is splendid, and the privacy will have you thinking you’re the only ones on our ridge. The cabins sit in a completely wooded area, but have great views through and beyond the woods. Our ridge is full of Maple, Oak and a large variety of other hardwood tree species. It is a truly wonderful sight in mid to late October when the leaves are in their full glory. Our Cuddle Bug Cottage is situated in a serene, peaceful valley with beautiful views of meadows and wooded hills all around.

Do Your Cabins Have Hot Tubs?

Yes, absolutely. Our Sweet Heart, Maple Lane, and Lovers Loft Cabin have brand new enclosed back porches in 2020 that are now Indoor Hot Tub & Game Rooms that are climate controlled (cooled in Summer, heated in Winter). They have the same great views as before, but now without the weather extremes, have many other great new amenities you will love, and are even more private than before! They look out over the best view/scenery from each cabin. You will feel incredibly relaxed, soaking in the hot tub looking out over the beautiful view. NOTE: Our Cuddle Bug Cottage still has a fully “open-air” back porch where the hot tub is located.

Do Your Cabins Have Fireplaces?

Yes, all of our cabins have a Gas Log fireplace, for warmth and atmosphere. You can sit with your sweetheart and enjoy a cozy evening in front of the flame.

Do You Offer Any Special Services?

Blue Valley Massage and the Hocking Hills Traveling Chef are a few popular options that our guests like (schedule directly with them).

What is Check-In and Check-Out Time?

Check-in is after 3 p.m. (except on Sundays) in the Sweet Heart, Maple Lane and Lovers Loft Cabins, and after 5 p.m. in the Cuddle Bug Cottage. On Sunday’s, check-in is after 5 p.m. in all cabins. Check-out is by 11 a.m. in the Sweet Heart, Maple Lane and Lovers Loft Cabins and by 1 p.m. in the Cuddle Bug Cottage.

Ash Ridge Lodge check-in is 4 pm, checkout is at 10 am.

How Close Are You to Hocking Hills Attractions?

We are within easy driving distance of all major attractions/places to see in the Hocking Hills. We are ideally situated in western Hocking County, and our location is very convenient to attractions such as Old Man’s Cave, Rock House, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Conkles Hollow and others. Horseback Riding and Canoeing opportunities are also an easy drive. And you can’t stay at Ash Ridge Cabins without visiting the Laurelville Cider Company in nearly Laurelville, just 4 miles away. Their fresh apple cider is just fantastic. 5 miles from Rockhouse, 10-12 miles from ash cave, old mans cave, conkles hollow, tar hollow, cedar falls & more~

Are There Restaurants, Grocery Stores & Gas Stations Nearby?

Yes. Nearby Laurelville (only 4 miles away) has several diners, a few pizza places, a gas station, and a medium size food market/grocery store. We are also located approximately 17-25 miles from Circleville, Logan, and Chillicothe, and about 35 miles from Lancaster, all of which have some of the larger chain restaurants, food markets, many gas stations, etc. We are situated far enough out in the country to “feel” like you’re out in the country, but we’re plenty close enough for you to take a short drive and be where you want to be.

Do Your Cabins Have Telephones?

No, they do not. Verizon and T-Mobile get a very good cell signal at all of our cabins (including the Cuddle Bug Cottage now!), and AT&T & Sprint are decent to good.

Do Your Cabins Have Internet?

We do not have a wireless Internet network set up to service our cabins at this time (though we are hoping to in the near future), but many guests have reported they are able to get good internet access (at the Sweet Heart, Maple Lane, Lovers Loft) through their mobile data plans on their mobile wi-fi capable devices such as Smartphones and Tablets. We have a good cell signal for major providers at the Cuddle Bug Cottage now also. Also, if you have a Verizon MiFi/Jetpack portable Internet device with a current subscription plan, you can use it at all of our cabins to receive and transmit Internet connectivity to your mobile device with wireless capability. All of our cabins can now get a 4G LTE cell signal for Verizon and T-Mobile devices, and a decent to good signal for AT&T & some other providers as well. Ash ridge Lodge does have wifi avaialble.

Do Your Cabins Have TV's?

Yes, all of our cabins have televisions. The Sweet Heart and Maple Lane Cabins and the Cuddle Bug Cottage have DirecTV Satellite television with 150 channels, including the Big 10 Network. The Lovers Loft Cabin does not have satellite television, but it does receive fair to good local tv station reception of the networks (Fox, ABC/NBC/CBS, CW) and a few others. All of our cabins do have DVD players (and CD players for music). You can bring your own dvd’s, or you can use our movies stocked in each cabin.

Are Your Cabins Modern Or Primitive?

Our cabins are very modern, but still have the feel of a “natural” log cabin. Don’t worry, you won’t have to answer calls of nature in a privy! Our luxury cabins have all modern amenities and appliances (toilet, shower, kitchen, refrigerator, stove/oven, toaster, coffee maker), and are beautifully built of white pine logs, with colored metal roofs and nice porches and decks. They are beautifully furnished and most of the furniture is made of real logs. Our cabins have modern heat and air conditioning.

Do You Allow Pets?

We love animals however, we are ALLERGY FRIENDLY cabins. Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets in or near our cabins for the safety of our sensitive guest. Also, cleaning up after a pet is time-consuming, and we never know when a “barker” is going to disturb other guests staying at Ash Ridge Cabins. For these reasons, we are not able to accommodate pets. If pets are inside or around our cabins the security deposit will not be returned and additional cleaning fee of $60/ hour charged to ensure all pet hair, dander and debris is removed for the safety of our allergic guest. If we find out there are pet(s), you will be ASKED TO LEAVE IMMEDIATELY without a refund or find boarding for your pet.

Can I Smoke?

There is absolutely no smoking inside of the cabins, but if you wish to smoke outside or on the open air porch you may feel free to do so, just be careful of where you flick your ashes, for fire concerns.

What Do We Need to Bring For Our Stay?

Other than your personal effects and food, all you need to bring is charcoal if you plan to use the grill. We provide linens (sheets, towels), toiletries, soap, a basic assortment of kitchen cookware, utensils, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. Any additional grocery items you need can be purchased in nearby Laurelville (4 miles away) or in Logan, only 17 miles away. Or, there are plenty of restaurants a short drive away if you wish to take a break from cooking during your stay. We do recommend that you bring a beach towel and flip-flops for the hot tub.

Do I Need 4-Wheel Drive to Get to Your Cabins?

If there is inclement Winter weather then yes, we would recommend that you consider bringing a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The various cabin driveways are all gravel drives and are well-maintained, (main hill is paved) but with much snow or ice they can get slick. When the weather is fine, you should have no problem reaching your cabin with a 2-wheel drive vehicle.

Do You Have A Hiking Area?

You can walk through our woods on the north side of the property. They are pretty steep, but very beautiful. There is no “trail” per se, except for wildlife trails. The closest hiking area – Rock House – is only a short 5-minute drive from here, and it has fantastic trails and hiking opportunities. All of the major attractions and hiking areas in the state park are within easy driving distance of our cabins.

Should We Bring a Camera?

Absolutely! No matter what time of year you come to stay, the Hocking Hills are truly beautiful, and you will have plenty of pretty spots to take pictures of right from your cabin as well.

Do Your Stated Cabin Rental Prices Include Tax?

No, they do not. We are required to charge a 6% lodging tax in addition to our cabin rental rates. When you submit a reservation on-line, the tax amount will be calculated automatically. There is also a booking platform fee that is non refundable.

What is the "Service Fee" on my Reservation?

When making your reservation, you may have noticed a line item/fee that said “Service Fee”. Please note that as of March 1st, 2020, we are *required* by ReservationsOnline – our local, Hocking Hills based reservations processing vendor – to collect a service fee from guests. The fee is 6% if the reservation was made on-line, and 2% if the reservation was made over the phone. We pass that fee on to them. It does not originate from us, Ash Ridge Cabins, and we do not keep it. The vast majority of cabin rental businesses in the Hocking Hills use ReservationsOnline to process their reservations, so they too will be required to charge the same non refundable service fee.

Should I use GPS for directions?

Glad you asked!  Check out our locations/directions page

Did someone mention Cinnamon Rolls?!

Yes! Deliciously Yummy, Homemade Cinnamon Rolls For Your 1st Morning Breakfast Will Be Waiting For You On Arrival!